Saturday, September 16, 2006

Rainy Day Post #s 12 and 35

This was passed on to me.

It's pretty derogatory, considering it's coming from Oklahoma City University of Law, but he has a point, because I think everyone has at least one professor that writes articles solely to attach inappropriate titles to them. In fact, I can testify on my classmates' behalf that we had a professor who is responsible for anywhere between 5-15 of the Bob Dylan attributions. The abstract, however, tips that this is perhaps the ultimate law review article, because its conclusion is something like "it's all could be used successfully" while also being written by a student who is in no position to determine what successful use is.

All in all, it's an awful article for failing to mention my own work, which went through about fifteen titles, all less successful then my Neil Young rip-off. And I can't fathom that it's true that R.E.M. gets cited more than Neil Young.

As a side note, if he's going to use Guided by Voices to open the article, I would have suggested "A Salty Salute", "Watch Me Jumpstart", "I Am Produced" or at least "Little Lines". (In fact, maybe the article should be titled "Your Name Is Wild". But that's just me -- and Bob Pollard.

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