Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm not touching this with a 52,800 foot pole.

Rex Ryan: my *!@@#! wife's *@#@!&*# participation in #@&*(!@ foot fetish videos is way less @#!&* disgusting than her Rex ^&*!#@ Ryan fetish.

Now I'm not a connoisseur of the lascivious arts, by any means. But the foot fetish is one that will perpetually elude me. They are feet. Anyone who's ever seen Vibram FiveFingers knows damn well that the human foot is not a thing of beauty. It should be as enclosed as humanly possible.

That said, given that all other pornography finds niches to make itself even raunchier and even dirtier, I have to wonder how foot fetishes fit into this. Is there a sect of depraved foot fetishists who won't watch a video that involves fewer than two plantar warts? Bunions? Corns? Is there Athlete's foot fetish porn?

If you can answer these questions, please never reveal yourself.

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